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SOLA is a video game that embodies the climate of tension, discomfort and fear that can be experienced while walking alone at night in cities where gender-based violence is embedded in everyday life.


SOLA challenges the usual understanding of games as a source for entertainment. It builds on the concept of play to explore a video game as an instrument for conceptual thinking and a tool to work through social issues.


How do we get back home?

Do we walk or take a cab?

Do we take the short cut, or the better- lit path?

Do we let someone know that we are on our way

just in case we never arrive?


We were taught how to walk with fear.

We were taught how to be constantly alert.

We were taught to be suspicious of the stranger.

We learned how to be constantly afraid

while doing something as simple as walking alone at night.

We were taught that it was our responsibility

 to not be assaulted, raped or killed.